YES Prep Southeast, home of the Wizards ; 6-12th(1998)

YES Prep North Central, home of the Trailblzers; 6-12th(2003)

YES Prep Southwest, home of the Mavericks; 6-12th(2004)

YES Prep East End, home of the Explorers; 6-12th(2006)

YES Prep Gulfton, home of the Force; 6-12th(2007)

YES Prep West, home of the Marvels; 6-12th(2009)

YES Prep Bray Oaks, home of the Cavaliers; 6-12th(2009)

YES Prep North Forest, home of the Legends; 6-12th(2010)

YES Prep Fifth Ward, home of the Titans; 6-12th(2011)

YES Prep Northside, home of the Pride; 6-12th(2011)

YES Prep Northbrook Middle School, home of the Knights; 6-8th(2012)

YES Prep Hoffman, home of the Hornets; 6-8th(2013)

YES Prep White Oak, home of the Owls; 6-11th2013)

YES Prep Northbrook High School, home of the Raiders; 9-12th2015)

YES Prep Southside, home of the Giants; 6-9th(2015)

YES Prep Eisenhower, home of the Eagles; 9-11th(2016)

YES Prep Northline, home of the Revolutionaries; 6-7th(2017)

YES Prep Northwest, home of the Hawks; 6th(2018)

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