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"The Brokerdealer" was a techno project Craig Finn was in inbetween "Lifter Puller" and "The Hold Steady". Electronic musician Mr. Projectile created the music, while Finn wrote and sung the lyrics.[1]


The Brokerdealer released two unnamed EPs, both of which were available for download on This website has shut down since[2], but the EPs are available now on (links below).

EP #1

Download Link

Track listing:

  • If Not For Hipster Pictures
  • Give Me Back My Body
  • The Last Ones Up Become Lovers

EP #2

Download Link

Track listing:

  • Sophomore Slump
  • Mommy, Can I Go Out And Chill Tonight?
  • Do Me Nails
  • The Dead Ones Look Like Dolls


"it was a long distance thing and it was hard to coordinate." Craig Finn states in an interview with Indie Workshop.[3]