Navy Sheets is the fourth track from the fourth The Hold Steady album Stay Positive, coming after One for the Cutters and before Lord, I'm Discouraged.


I guess we met a couple bona fide angels,
But they all seemed kinda fat and fatigued.
Now we're trying to match the mouth to the screams,
To match the heads with their dreams.

Everybody's searching out the softest seat,
All dolled up for the funeral feast,
Everybody's stabbing at the biggest piece,
Clever kids kissing on a bleak retreat.

Now I'm not really sure we were lovers,
Or if it was just some kind of car crash. Now we're trying to find a DNA match,
To match the heads to their hats.

Everybody's reaching for the sharpest knife,
Legs wide open on the opening night. Everybody's bathing in the laser lights,
Clever kids screwing with some new device.

Sunday morning sidewalks splattered,
Feverish in stylish tatters.
Didn't this used to seem like glamour?
I remember when it mattered.

Can't get over what's transpired,
Left home virgins, came back vampires.
Belt it out like back scratch choirs,
We're either dead or really tired.

Everybody's coming onto Navy Sheets.
Everybody's coming onto Navy Sheets.
Everybody wants to suck on something sweet.
Everybody's coming onto Navy Sheets.