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Most People are DJs is the fourth track from Almost Killed Me. It is 5:50.


hold steady ybor city. you're up to your neck in sweat and wet confetti. if you want to get a little bit light in the heady. it's gonna have to get a little bit heavy. we're jamming jetskis into the jetty now. with some guy who looks like rocco siffredi. and i've heard he's been dead once already.

it's going down right now in lowertown. they're skipping off the good ship usss sexuality. searching for the merchant with the five second delivery. they're slipping soft rock into the setlist now. they got some new guy that looks just like phil lynott. we're stumbling but i think we're still in it. it's a big world girl and i can't understand it. we're tiny white specks on a bright blue planet.

i was a teenage ice machine. i kept it cool in coolers. i drank until i dreamed. when i dreamed i always dreamed about the scene. all these kids look like little lambs looking up at me. i was a twin cities trash bin. i did everything they'd give me. i'd jam it in my system. she had me cornered in the kitchen. i said i'll do anything but listen to some weird talking chick who just can't understand that we're hot soft spots on a hard rock planet. baby take off your beret. everyone's a critic and most people are djs.

working backwards from the doctor to the drugs. from the packie to the taxi to the cabbie to the club. a thousand kids will fall in love in all the clubs tonight. a thousand other kids will end up gushing blood tonight. two thousand kids wont get too much sleep tonight. two thousand kids they still feel pretty sweet tonight. i still feel pretty sweet.


"Most people are. Just a reaction to life in NYC in the 2000s. The part I don't get is when I get emails that start with, "Come see me DJ" and end with, "Here is what Im going to play...." I think that DJing, like rock criticism, tends to be a way for people to participate in the "scene" without taking the risks to the ego that go along with producing music or any other art. "Look at me! I'm playing records!" Of course, I don't apply this to all DJs. And for those who don't know, Rocco Siffredi is a porn star. On a Lifter Puller tour someone showed us a video of him having sex with a woman and then flushing her head in the toilet. I can't figure out who that was supposed to arouse."[1]
-Craig Finn, The Hold Steady

Other Info[]

The band took their name fron the opening lyric to this song. [2]