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Gideon is a character who reappears in Hold Steady songs. Hold Steady lyrics frequently refer to the Bible, music, and drugs, sometimes all at once. In this case, Gideon is a name taken from the Book of Judges. According to that source, Gideon was a judge, who as a young man was chosen by God to stop the Israelites from worshiping false gods.


The first is that Gideon, despite his destructive nature, is reading and learning from the bible (which, in light of his later awareness of the plagues and the imaginative connections he makes to contempory life, is not altogether unthinkable). This in turn might start a road to improvement from his current lifestyle.

movement of the people

This could mean that Gideon is simply filling in his gaps about reggae music, (not unlikely given that he is made out to be a drug user from later tracks and reggae music is often associated with cannabis), and not appreciating the deeper meaning of the text.


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