Freddy is trying to make himself out to be a tough gangster, but those around him don't seem to be buying it and make jokes at his expense 1. He boasts macho bravado2, but in reality he's less bloodthirsty than he portrays3. He also seems to believe he's popular4, which may not be the case. Freddy lives in the Midwest USA and is caught up in a war5 between the police and drug dealers6. Freddy is secretly quite conservative; he worries about all the sex7, fighting8 and death9 going on around him, and it seems to be implied that he may begin to use this as the impetus to bring about some positive change in his life, and the lives of those around him.10



  1. "i've been trying to get people to call me freddy knuckles. people keep calling me right said fred" - Knuckles
  2. "the last guy didn't have to die. but the first four looked so nice." - Knuckles
  3. "because the last guy didn't really die. i just lied" - Knuckles
  4. "I've got the good stuff kids go for" - Knuckles
  5. "there's a war going down in the middle western states" - Knuckles
  6. "the kevlar vests against the crystal flakes" - Knuckles
  7. "it's hard to take it easy when half your friends are way too easy" - Knuckles
  8. "too many kids are getting stabbed" - Knuckles
  9. "it's hard to hold steady when half your friends are dead already" - Knuckles
  10. "it's hard to stay in bed when half your friends are dead" - Knuckles
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