Curves & Nerves is the thirteenth track from the extended Australian version of Almost Killed Me, it is the third of five bonus tracks on this edition and is 2:40.


the call came in on a princess phone on the patio. she said: hey if that's jeppetto tell that puppeteer i ain't here yet. tell him that i ain't done with my beers yet. tell him that i'm up in massachusetts. and if he wants to buy me some i'll be in the kitchenette. making meals out of marzipan. making love with the black and tans. crushing butts in a coffee can. when the crowd went wild. we were under the stands. mouths and hands, baby, hands and mouths. so many shows where nobody comes out.

where were you when the call came in? i was on a rocky mountain freedom binge. with all the living members of the cityscape skins. you and me and gideon. holly went to hollywood. it looked nothing like she thought it would. she didn't get to the part with the studios. she went straight to video. she did a movie called "north dallas foursome". there was agony and ecstasy and the cheerleaders got gruesome. she did a movie called "revenge of the pervs." there were screams and jeans and curves and nerves.

charlemagne in a shallow grave. with a nazareth tape. and a vodka ice and gatorade. he didn't really fit the plans she made. these hoodrat chicks are like razor blades. they're pretty cheap but they'll cut you deep.


Other InfoEdit

"Curves & Nerves" was originally released as the lead track on a 12-inch LP included with issue 1 of Ladies & Gentlemen Magazine. The magazine, which also features an interview with Craig Finn, was limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.