Third album from The Hold Steady and their first album released on Vagrant Records. The album was released on October 3rd, 2006 and was produced by John Agnello. A special edition of Boys and Girls in America, including a bonus CD, was released in the UK in November 2007

Album CoverEdit



  1. Stuck Between Stations
  2. Chips Ahoy!
  3. Hot Soft Light
  4. Same Kooks
  5. First Night
  6. Party Pit
  7. You Can Make Him Like You
  8. Massive Nights
  9. Citrus
  10. Chillout Tent
  11. Southtown Girls

Bonus tracks on Australian editionEdit

  1. For Boston
  2. Girls Like Status
  3. Arms and Hearts
  4. American Music

Bonus tracks on U.S. iTunes editionEdit

  1. Girls Like Status
  2. Arms and Hearts

Bonus track on Emusic editionEdit

  1. Teenage Liberation
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