This article is about the album "Almost Killed Me", for the lyrical self reference please see almost killed me (reference)

Almost Killed Me is the debut album from The Hold Steady. It was released on March 16, 2004 by French Kiss Records (CD) and Learning Curve Records (Vinyl LP).

Album Cover[edit | edit source]


Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. Positive Jam
  2. The Swish
  3. Barfruit Blues
  4. Most People are DJs
  5. Certain Songs
  6. Knuckles
  7. Hostile, Mass.
  8. Sketchy Metal
  9. Sweet Payne
  10. Killer Parties

Bonus tracks on Australian edition[edit | edit source]

  1. Milkcrate Mosh
  2. Hot Fries
  3. Curves & Nerves
  4. Modesto Is Not That Sweet
  5. You Gotta Dance (with who you came to the dance with)
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